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Classroom:  Synergy Series


Soft Seating

Student Desks


Activity Tables

Teacher's Desk

Classroom: Storage Options

Mobile Storage Carts

Wardrobes/Storage:  Aura Series

Wardrobes/Storage:  Versa Series

Bookcases/Filing Systems

Cabinetry, Aura Series

Cabinetry, Versa Series

Athletic Lockers

Wood Athletic Lockers


Media Center:  Book Storage

Aura Series Shelving

Fusion Series Shelving

Patriot Series Shelving

Versa Series Shelving

Media Center:  Seating

Wood Legs/Bases

Metal Legs/Bases

Lounge Seating

Synergy Series Seating

Synergy Series Soft Seating

Media Center:  Tables/Carrels

Aura Series Tables-Metal Legs/Bases

Aura Series Tables-Wood Legs/Bases

Aura Series Panel Base Tables

Aura Series Carrels

Versa Series Tables

Versa Series Panel Base Tables

Versa Series Carrels

Media Center:  Circulation Desks

Aura Series Circulation Desks

Fusion Series Circulation Desks

Versa Series Circulation Desks

Media Center: Mobile Circulation and Reception Desk

Mobile Circulation-Reception Desks


Media Center:  Book Trucks

Wood and Metal Book Trucks

Media Center:  Display/Technical

Display and Technical Furniture